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Dot West Wins Tudawali Award

By Indigenous Stock Exchange

Dot West, the quiet achiever, wins prestigious AFC Award.

The Tudawali Award has been awarded to Goolarri's Dot West for her contribution to Indigenous media. The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders Studies (AIATSIS), sponsor of the prestigious award, presented the $7,000 prize money.

Dot is the Head of Production and Business Development and Director of Goolari Media and has been on the Board of ScreenWest since 2003. Since 1975 she has played a major role in the training and development of broadcasting in the Kimberley region and in the development of Indigenous media across all streams nationally.

The Tudawali Award is named after Robert Tudawali (1930-1967), the world's first Aboriginal film star, who featured in Jedda. It is awarded to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the development of Indigenous media or the creation of a landmark body of work in film and television.

Previous recipients who have also been judges this year include Freda Glynn, Lester Bostock and Justine Saunders.


Dorothy West - Head of Production/Businees Development
Acting Creative Director

Dot West has a long media history within the Kimberley and has played a major role in the training and development of broadcasting in this region. Dot has also been instrumental in the development of Indigenous media nationally. She has assisted the growth and development of Indigenous media across all streams of the media. Dot brings to the industry her skills in media, management and facilitation capabilities to assist in the vision of Indigenous media playing an intricate role in communications and the arts within the region and across the nation.

Employment History:
2001 - to present GOOLARRI MEDIA - Head of Production, Business Development.
Oversee and implement developmental strategies with the operations of radio, television and production house and work across all sectors of the Business to strategically assist them in their development.
1992 - 2000 BROOME ABORIGINAL MEDIA ASSOCIATION/GOOLARRI MEDIA - Radio Station Manager / Network Manager : Developed organisation from 1 hour of radio broadcast per week to managing a full-time radio licensed station. Provided training in Radio Broadcast to staff and volunteers. Also assisted the development of Goolarri's Open Narrowcast Television Station.
1996 - 1998 BROOME ABORIGINAL MEDIA ASSOCIATION/GOOLARRI MEDIA - Study Leave. I took study leave for three years to undertake the BA Media Studies. I successfully completed the studies with an overall course average above 80%. During my semester breaks I returned to the organisation and worked in areas that strategically and practically complimented my studies and the organisation itself.
1989 - 1992 WARINGARRI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION - Kununurra - Station Manager
During this time the organisation maintained its broadcast commitment on the ABC and developed towards receiving their own community license, which they have now obtained and are successfully operating. I was responsible for the management of the station and training of staff along with assisting the consultant in the preparation of the stations license application.
1988 - 1989 WARINGARRI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION - Kununurra -Trainee Broadcast Manager
The station broadcast up to 13 hours per week on the ABC. I was taught in broadcast skills and broadcast management.
Waringarri and Balangarri provided outstation support along with developing and managing enterprises and other community core functions within the town such as a building company, arts shop, radio station and substance abuse project. I was responsible for the financial management of these operations.
1983 - 1985 BALANGARRI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION - Kununurra - Trainee Accountant/Administrator
Preparation of printing and circulation of monthly newspaper and quarterly magazine "Aboriginal and Islander "Forum" and "Identity".

Film Credits :
1998 Peeping Thru The Louvres (SBS) - Co-Writer
1999 Office of Aboriginal Health (GTV35) - Co-Scriptwriter/Script Editor 16 short drama segments on Aboriginal health.
2000 Mary Geddardyu Show series 1 (SBS) -Script Editor, 3rd Asst Director
2001 Mary Geddardyu Show Series 2 (SBS) - Producer, Script Editor, 2nd Asst. Director.
2001 - Present Head of Productions GTV Broadcast and productions
2002 Me and You (SBS) Documentary - Producer
National & Regional Involvement:
NIRS (National Indigenous Board Member 2003 to present Radio Service)
ISA (Indigenous Screen Committee Member 2002 to present Australia)
NIBS (National Indigenous Committee Member 2001 to present Broadcasting Service)
Advisory Committee to ATSIC Community Broadcasting Committee Member 2000 to present
Foundation (Aboriginal Grants Advisory Committee)
NIMAA (National Indigenous Inaugural Chairperson 1993-94 Media Assoc. of Australia)
ABC Boyer Lecturer 1993
Subject: Indigenous Media
Department for the Arts Aboriginal Advisory Panel to 1993
Creative Development Fund Chairperson
Department for the Arts Aboriginal Peer Assessment 1992 Chairperson
Department for the Arts Aboriginal Peer Assessment 1990-91
Panelist Kimberley Regional Councillor 1988-92
Development Council (now known as the Kimberley Development Commission)
National Aboriginal Sports W.A. delegate 1988 Advisory Committee

Dorothy West
Head of Production
Business Development
Goolarri Media Enterprises

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Contact  :  Kira Fong
Phone  :  (08) 9192-1325
Email  :  kira.fong@gme.com.au

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